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If you’re reading this you’ve chosen to join the free fat loss challenge and we are so excited you’re with us!

To get started, follow the 4 easy steps below

Let’s Get Started

Step one: Weigh, Measure and Progress photos

Weigh yourself and have your measurements taken first. The measurements you want are the chest, stomach, hips, thighs, and arms. Take front, back, and side profile pictures to monitor visual progress. This process should be done once a month and tracked in a fat loss journal to keep track of all your progress and success.

Step two: BMR Calculator



Let’s get started with the custom meal plan builder. Below you will find a link with formula in which you will plug in your weight, height, gender, and age. The number you come up with is called the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) this number is the amount of calories per day you would burn if you were asleep.  

Click the link and enter in your stats.


For example: A 30-year-old male weighs 200lbs and is 6ft tall would have a BMR of 2022.4.

Step three: Daily Calorie intake.

Now that we have our BMR calculated we will take a look at goal setting, If your goal is to lose fat we will subtract up to 500 calories from the BMR thus making our example subject 1522.4 calories a day and if your goal is to gain lean muscle we will start by adding 500 calories a day to our BMR making our total daily intake 2522.4 calories. These numbers are subject to change depending on your weekly results and progress pictures.

Step four: Macro-nutrient ratio.



Now that we have our daily calorie intake we need to find our macro ratio. We will aim for 50% protein, 35% carb, and 15% fat.

Our example from earlier will need 1522.4 x.5= 761.2 cal of protein a day. There are 4 calories per gram of protein so we will divide 761.2 by 4 giving us 190.3 grams of protein. Carbs have the same 4 calories per gram and we will take 1522.4x .35=532.84cal. 532.84 divided by 4 equals 133.21 grams of carbs. Now fats are a little different, fats have 9 calories per gram and we will take 1522.4 x .15=228.36. Now we take 228.36 divided by 9 and get 25.37 grams of fat per day.

Finally our daily macros should be-           

  • 190.3 grams of protein
  • 133.21 grams of carbs
  • 25.37 grams of fat

Meal Plan Builder


Now when I say this you may think it’s a little far out but… you need to be eating 4-6 meals a day. SAY WHAT?!? Seriously! Eating frequently speeds up your metabolism turning your body into a fat burning machine!

Let’s take our macros and divide them by 4.

  • Protein  190.30/4=47.6
  • Carbs    133.21/4=33.3
  • Fats         25.37/4=6.34

These final numbers are the macros per meal we should be eating if we ate 4 meals a day, does it have to look like this? NO! This is just an example for you to figure out how much to eat per meal. I personally eat all of my carbs in the morning and midday which leaves me with protein and fats for dinner. My dinner most nights is a LARGE salad with chicken and avocado and VERY LIGHT dressing.

Want to try 4 solid meals and 2 shakes? Just take the macros from your shakes and subtract them from your total daily calories, then do your math for 4 meals as shown above.

Want the work done for you? Email us atgymologyfitness@yahoo.com for pricing and monthly rates.

Healthy Choices


Choose a Protein-

  • Chicken= 6g protein per ounce
  • Turkey = 6g protein per ounce
  • Beef= 7g protein per ounce
  • Eggs= 6g protein per egg
  • Egg white= 3.6g protein per egg white

Choose a Carb-

  • Oats= 27g carbs per cup(cooked)
  • Ezekiel bread= 15g carbs per slice
  • Sweet potato= 27g carbs per cup(cooked)
  • Brown rice= 45g carbs per cup
  • Banana= 27g carbs per medium banana
  • Strawberry= 11g carbs per cup

Choose a Fat-

  • Avocado= 21g fats per cup
  • Almonds= 14g fats per ounce
  • Peanut butter= 16g fats per 2 tbsp


Meal Prep


Now that you have your food picked out, it’s time to cook! This is where most people get confused… Food does not have to be boring or bland. Use low sodium seasonings, coconut oil for cooking, and my favorite. THE GRILL! Cooking food with fire makes all food taste better(my opinion).  


Have questions about any of the information above? Email us at gymologyfitness@yahoo.com

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