1:1 Individualized Coaching

Tired of trying to “figure it out”? The Gymology Online Coaching program is designed to meet you where you are and lead you down a customized path to success.

Together we’ll create a healthy and sustainable plan that fits YOUR lifestyle.

Transformations Start Here!

“To get the results you’ve always wanted, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done.”

-Coach Kyle

How does Gymology Online work?

  • Together, we will discuss your current lifestyle (nutrition and fitness) to determine what changes need to be made to create the starting line toward success.
  • Once the starting line is determined you will be provided custom macronutrient recommendations.
  • You will track food intake daily via the Myfitnesspal app for review.

Exercise & Movement

  • A custom exercise program will be developed based on your current fitness goals and access to a fitness facility or from home.
  • Healthy movements patterns are crucial! I may ask for videos of certain movements to analyze for proper form to ensure you are able to move well and prevent injury.

Maintenance & Sustainability

  • We will work together throughout the process making changes based on your results in order to help you achieve your desired results. (Fat loss, muscle gain, higher energy, battle hypertension, etc…)
  • Together we will develop a plan for the future to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle with ease.

Success creates momentum. Our small wins each day will build the foundation of our future.

Coach Kyle