Looking to make a change in your workout routine?

Want to “test the waters” before you commit to joining a new gym in Tulsa?

I’m Kyle at Gymology and I want to offer you 2 weeks of the complete Gymology experience, including unlimited group fitness classes lead by certified professionals, for ONLY $39.00

What to expect:

Our QuikFit classes are designed for YOU! That’s right. it’s designed for ALL. Individuals who are looking for the best fitness routine. Easily scalable and designed to meet your needs where you are!

We get it!

Life is busy!

Classes are 45-60 minutes in duration which means you can live your best life and look good doing it!

Community driven!

Becoming a member of Gymology means you’re family!

We offer a welcoming, inclusive & supportive community, that will help you to achieve your fitness goals, in a fun and friendly manner

Offer ends soon.

14 day pass for $39.00


  • 2 personal training sessions
  • 14-day QuikStart nutrition guide
  • 14 days of unlimited group training