The end of a decade and the beginning of your new healthy lifestyle!

The staff here at Gymology Online are the leading experts in Tulsa,Ok. when it comes to fat loss and body transformations and we are now online!

Together we can achieve your goals of being in the best shape of your life and bring your joy back. With our proven time and time again fat loss and body transformation programb I (Coach Kyle) guarantee you will find exactly the results you’re looking for with Gymology Online.

Where to start?

Listed below are 7 video links that will guide you through the 7 Day QuikStart Challenge.

Watch 1 video each day (starting with day 1) 
Add each step onto the previous days step.
Give 100% effort and see maximum results!

7 Steps to YOUR success 
Day 1-
Day 2-
Day 3-
Day 4-
Day 5-
Day 6-
Day 7-

Frequently asked Questions
1. Q:What Do I get with an 8 Week Small Group Coaching Package?
 With an 8 week small group come knowledge, accountability and RESULTS! 
You will receive access to Programmed Daily workouts (QuikFit, Bootcamp, Grow)Access to Wodify (our online performance and workout tracker)Nutrition Guide/ CoachingGrocery Shopping GuideWeekly Zoom Call with Coach and the GroupMindset CoachingWeekly ChallengesAccess to Gymology Online Private Members Only Facebook Group

2. Q:What is QuikFit? 
A: QuikFit is a high-intensity functional movement program that allows you to become the best version of you. These movements are found in everyday life such as and not limited to squatting, pushing, pulling, jumping, biking, etc… These movements are found in our everyday life and we aim to train to move better and have fun while doing it. ALL movements can be modified to meet an individual’s physical needs. 

3. Q:What is Bootcamp
A: Bootcamp is the perfect program for beginners(not limited to beginners) to get maximize their time in the gym and do it in a fun and friendly atmosphere. This program uses NO barbells and will help you melt that unwanted body fat right off. Start where you are! We understand everyone has different needs when it comes to exercise and this program is for EVERYONE!

4. Q:Do I need to be in shape before starting?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is our mission at Gymology. We will help YOU obtain the best results if you trust the process. Will it be difficult? Will you feel like giving up? YES! But this time you won’t because we are here to support you every step of the way.

5. Q:What if I want a more 1-on-1 approach?
Gymology Online offers a private online coaching program for those looking to get more out of their hard work and time. Book your free consultation call today to find out if you’d be a good fit for our program. Email me at

6. Q: Do you have a referral program?
 We do! If you bring a friend with you to Gymology Online you will receive a 10% off discount. Every friend you bring that joins the program will land you an additional 10% off!

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